What is Holistic Nutrition?

Every body is different. Every body has different genetics, blood types, health concerns or health goals. As a result there isn't one diet that works for everyone! Holistic nutrition and lifestyle coaching looks at each individual and provides recommendations that are truly customized to you and your needs.  

What we eat has an incredible impact on our physical, mental and emotional well being. Whether you struggle with any of these things or are just looking to optimize your current state know there are solutions. 


Denai is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist who graduated with honours from the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Vancouver, Canada. Throughout her entire life Denai has been intrigued by everything that is health and wellness as she herself grew up suffering from a variety of health issues including chronic fatigue, digestive problems and a very low functioning immune system. Because of her personal struggles as a young girl, Denai has devoted her life to studying and understanding the human body in efforts to heal herself. Denai believes in order for one to truly thrive all aspects of health must be in alignment: nutritionally, physically, mentally and emotionally. With a background in nutritional supplements, fitness training, her diploma in holistic nutrition and a real zest for understanding human behaviour and psychology Denai feels passionate about combining all of her different areas of study within the health realm to truly help you feel your best.

Denai resides in the sunny Okanagan and works with clients both in person as well as online.



Denai is very welcoming and she makes you feel comfortable instantly which makes it easy to open up and talk about your personal life. She has great listening skills. Since working with Denai I have noticed a distinct improvement, most notably my energy level! She basically gave me a mini lifestyle makeover for which I am very thankful. I could not have asked for more from this experience!

Viola Lively

My experience working with Denai was nothing short of amazing! I had suffered with anxiety and major gut problems my whole life and thought there was no hope. Im a young mother of two and realized I needed to fix this problem. Thats where I found Denai. She took the time to really understand my health, my concerns and finally gave me a solution that worked! I have now been a year and a half off anxiety medications and never felt better. She has literally changed my life forever!

Leaha Hammond

Stressed Woman
Herbal Medicine


Life today is busy.

Ever feel like you can't keep up with the pace of life?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and feel like you can't function until you've had that cup of coffee? 

There can be a variety of reasons behind low energy: From low iron to poor blood sugar management and adrenal fatigue. Let Denai help you identify the root cause of your fatigue.


Gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn! If you've ever experienced any of these digestive issues you know how unpleasant they are!

While these symptoms can impede on our daily activities its even more important to get to the root cause as to why these symptoms are occurring in the first place! Approximately 80% of our immune system lives within our gut making it a primary focus when trying to improve any health challenge.

Yoga Stretches
Yoga at Home


Ladies do you become moody and irritable during that time of the month? During menstruation do you get bloated or experience painful cramping?

While PMS, food cravings, acne and abdominal cramps are just a few of the many things that can occur for woman during their monthly cycles - these symptoms are actually not suppose to be experienced! As woman we come with a variety of hormones that need to be in balance! When these hormones aren't in balance our body will communicate to us via these messages. Through proper diet balance can be restored.


One magazine says the Keto Diet is the hot new trend, but another says a vegan diet is the only way to go. So which one is right? Is there a "right way" to eat?

Our diet crazed culture can leave many of us obsessing over whats on our plates. This can lead to an unhealthy relationship with food and ones body.

At the age of 11 Denai weighed nearly 200lbs. Having grown up with "disordered eating" herself Denai has tried almost every diet under the sun. Her relationship with food is now far more peaceful than she could have imagined. If you experience similar struggles intuitive eating may be helpful for you.   

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